Confronting Company Politics

‘Confronting Company Politics provides a provocative and fascinating insight into a subject which is often swept under the carpet, It describes well the behaviours and attitudes which will need challenging if businesses are to improve their competitive advantage in the global market place.’
Helena Feltham Personnel Executive Marks & Spencer plc

‘This is a daring and uncompromising book that goes beyond theory and soundbite checklists to reach into the well-protected borders of the corporate comfort zone.’
Tim Caswell, Managing Director, Creative Connection

This confrontational, provocative read is of great value to managers who are seeking far greater self understanding and for those undertaking an MBA or advanced business programme. HR professionals and all those seeking to understand the impediments to change in their organization will certainly want this book on their bookshelf.’
Neville C. Bain, former group CEO, Coats Viyella plc

‘Beverley Stone clearly brings the responsibility home to roost. A well written and easily to read book which shows the reader how to make a difference for themselves, as well as for the company.’
Christine V. Powell, Management Development manager, The Automobile Association

‘For anyone and everyone who has ever complained about being involved in, or played company politics, this book is a must.’
Carole A. Legon, Human Resource Development Consultant, Department of the Environment

The Inner Warrior: Developing Courage for Personal and Organizational Change

‘This is an important book about life’s hardest question; should you stick with what’s familiar but unsatisfying or risk change for the chance of something more meaningful. The Inner Warrior will help you confront your fears and find the courage to be yourself. It shows that being the person you really are – not hiding behind an image – will give you enormous energy, in both your work and your personal life.’
Rachel Baird, Health Features Editor, Daily Express

‘This excellent book should be required reading for all leaders. It is an indispensible road map to the mysterious terrain of team dynamics. Deeply thought provoking, it will really help you to understand why some teams excel when others implode. Written with sharp insight and practical real-life case studies, this readable account of interpersonal dynamics is one of the few management books which gives you the curiosity, motivation and confidence to change your behaviour from chapter 1 and to reap rewards by chapter 2. I couldn’t put it down.’
Debbie Hewitt, Managing Director, RAC Roadside Services

‘This compelling read is a real insight into what really happens in business today. It can be used as a self-improvement tool or for individuals responsible for leading change in organizations, Either way, it challenges and encourages the reader to take risks in leadership behaviour, which if done appropriately, can lead to powerful results.’
Karen Gearey, Group Director HR and Corporate Communications, The Sage Group plc

‘I suspect all those in senior management and leadership positions will find the scenarios explored in this book all too familiar and will easily identify with the types of individuals and relationships so colourfully illustrated. It gives one reassurance to realize that one is not alone in encountering ‘barriers’ that seem to confront one on a daily basis and gives one the courage to see such barriers for what they are and combat them.’
Jevan Morris, Director of Intelligence and Investigation, Police Information Technology Organization